Registration and e-Services

Stakeholders Management Portal

Establishments will use this portal for the initial registration in RSD. For more information about the registration method, please refer to the “Register” option where a full instructional guide will be provided.

An establishment can manage stakeholders through this portal or add new ones. Everytime a stakeholder is added, an email will be sent containing a username and a link to set a password to log in to the Stakeholder Operation Portal.


Stakeholder Operation Portal

Where establishments and their stakeholders report movements of drugs inside the supply chain. However, after integrating the stakeholder’s system with RSD, all drug movements will be recorded automatically without having to log in to the Stakeholder Operation Portal manually and registering each transaction manually.


Check Your Drug

This feature allows you to search for any drug to verify its details.
Dear consumer, in case of finding a drug with no clear origin or one that has been tampered with; please report it to SFDA using the following link or throught the SFDA app.